Editorial Team

Prof. Dr. Javier González Argote

CEO & Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief Data & Metadata

Lic. Mabel Cecilia Bonardi

Editor-in-Chief Metaverse Basic and Applied Research

Prof. Dr. Carlos Lepez

Editor-in-Chief Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation

Dr. William Castillo González

Editor-in-Chief Health, Science, and Technology


Our mission is to foster academic excellence by providing a reliable and accessible platform for the dissemination of scientific research. We work closely with researchers, experts, and professionals in various disciplines to publish high-quality scientific journals, conference proceedings, and academic books. We are committed to maintaining high ethical and academic standards, ensuring the integrity and relevance of the content we publish.


At Editorial Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología, we strive to be leaders in the publication and dissemination of cutting-edge scientific knowledge. Our vision is to promote the advancement of research in areas related to health, science, and technology, with the aim of contributing to the development of society and improving the quality of life through the dissemination of rigorously peer-reviewed research.


Editorial Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología is the academic publishing arm of the Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología Foundation, established in 2021. The publisher is registered under the Registry of Publishers with File No.: RL-2022-136829699-APN-DNDA#MJ.

El primer proyecto de la editorial fue la revista Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología, y actualmente la editorial posee otras 8 revistas y 1 serie de conferencias, dos de ellas indexadas en la base de datos Scopus (Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología, y Data and Metadata).


Open Access

We are committed to promoting free and unrestricted access to scientific knowledge. We believe that open access enables greater dissemination of research, fosters collaboration, and accelerates scientific progress.

Quality and Rigor

We value academic excellence and strive to maintain high-quality standards in all our publications. Our products, such as scientific journals, conference proceedings, and academic books, undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the validity and reliability of the content.

Peer Review

We are committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of our publications through a rigorous and transparent peer-review process. Our goal is to ensure that all published works have been evaluated by experts in the field, contributing to the reliability and validity of the presented scientific findings.

Ethics and Responsibility

We promote ethical and transparent editorial practices. We respect copyright and adhere to proper attribution norms. Additionally, we are committed to addressing any concerns related to research integrity and ethics in a fair and diligent manner.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity of perspectives and inclusion in the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge. We strive to encourage equitable participation of researchers from different backgrounds, genders, cultures, and geographies, thus promoting an enriching and collaborative academic environment.

Innovation and Advancement

We are committed to innovation in scientific publishing. We explore new technologies and approaches to enhance the sharing and accessibility of knowledge. We seek to adapt to changes in the scientific landscape and leverage the opportunities provided by the digital era.

Science and Technology Observatory

We consider ourselves an active observatory of science and technology. We utilize bibliometric tools and analysis to identify trends, patterns, and advancements in scientific research. In addition to promoting the dissemination of research, we strive to provide valuable insights on the impact and relevance of published works, allowing the scientific community and other stakeholders to gain a panoramic view of scientific progress.

Social Impact

We believe that scientific research can have a significant impact on society. Therefore, we seek to publish works that address relevant issues, contribute to scientific and technological development, and promote the well-being and health of individuals.